From different nationalities and backgrounds (former magistrates and law-enforcement officers, information technologists and communication professionals, investigators and analysts), our talented, multilingual staff is proficient in law, trade, management, communications and strategic and competitive intelligence in the public and private sectors. Our business is relevant to national and international activities, particularly those connected to complex commercial and financial issues. We offer effective solutions for complex situations involving money laundering, investigations, competitive intelligence, reputation defense, counterfeiting, black market, cyber crime, surveillance, protection of individuals and companies, crisis management, risk analysis, due diligence, litigation support and asset searches.
Founded in 1989, Alp Services is a full-service investigative firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our staff of professionals has over 20 years of experience and we operate worldwide. Assisted by a large network of carefully selected and highly skilled agents and correspondents, we cover a broad range of areas of expertise. Our priority is to ensure discretion, trustworthiness, reliability and efficiency. We provide our clients with inside knowledge of business, government, financial, legal and private practices, and offer experience-driven understanding of our clients’ needs. While maintaining the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, Alp Services provides a wide variety of services specially tailored to the needs of our clients, be they public or private organizations, governments or individuals.
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